Carrier Heat Pumps

As a part of your Comfort Heat Pump System, Carrier's 40FK fan coil with our patented Comfort Heat logic delivers warmer air to your living areas while eliminating "cold blow" and drafts. Comfort Heat logic allows you to enjoy enhanced indoor weather all winter long with heating temperatures that are 15-20 degrees higher than those delivered by a standard heat pump system. During the heating season, many heat pump systems provide an uncomfortable blast of cold air when the blower kicks on. Comfort Heat ensures air is warmed before your fan turns on. The cooler air in the ductwork is then replaced with the heated air, delivering warm, comfortable air to your home at lower speeds to eliminate drafts. Then, as conditions change, Comfort Heat is designed to adjust itself to provide maximum comfort for you and your family.

Variable speed performance helps the 40FK fan coil provide quiet, consistent, and economical comfort all year long. This fan coil is so efficient, it can actually improve the efficiency ratings of your heat pump or air conditioner up to two full SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) points. Also, it can dramatically improve your indoor weather. Beginning slowly and gradually working up to speed, the 40FK's variable speed motor is much quieter on start up and during regular operation. Even when you are not heating or cooling your home, the continuous fan mode allows you to keep air circulating for enhanced comfort and air cleaning at about the same cost as leaving on a single light bulb. It's like having a ceiling fan in every room of your home.

For custom made indoor weather with unmatched dehumidification, comfort and efficiency, you can count on Carrier's 40FK fan coil, an integral part of the Comfort Heat Pump System. The 40FK with Comfort Heat logic helps your heat pump system deliver air that is up to 20 degrees warmer than the air delivered by typical heat pump systems. No matter how cold it gets outside, you can count on the 40FK to deliver air temperatures greater than 100.

Key Benefits

  • Ultimate comfort is provided with Carrier's patented Comfort Heat logic. The system's variable speed motor is programmed to communicate with the Thermidistat™ Control and adjust itself to ensure year-round comfort.
  • Whisper-quiet comfort, due in part to our heavy-duty, foil-faced cabinet insulation, makes your indoor weather even more enjoyable.
  • Efficient, reliable operation translates into performance you can count on because the Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) precisely meters the system's liquid refrigerant.
  • Customized comfort set by your dealer with the Easy Select Board is matched to your indoor weather needs.
  • Enhanced air quality is the result of our molded plastic drain pan that allows condensate to drain completely. This helps minimize the chances for mold, mildew and corrosion.
  • Precise humidity and temperature control is ensured year round with Carrier's patented Thermidistat™ Control.

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